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Coaching West Midlands

Coaching West Midlands is all about the training team and training courses on offer within the West Midlands Region. The team is headed by the Regional Development Officer (RDO) Gareth Brookes and supported by a dedicated team of Coach's, Trainers, Senior Instructors, Sailing Development Officers (SDO), a High Performance Manager and numerous other personnel from the RYA.

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High Performance Manager (HPM)

Chris Blackburn

North & West Zones

Work:   023 8060 4100 (RYA HQ)

Mobile: 07909 994637

Email:  chris.blackburn@rya.org.uk

Gareth Brookes

RYA Regional Development Officer

for the West Midlands


Work:   023 8060 4100 (RYA HQ)

Mobile: 07876 330136

Email:  gareth.brookes@rya.org.uk

Sailing Development Officer (SDO)

Birmingham & Worcestershire

Tom Davenport

Mobile: 07823 559018

Email:   tomdavenport@rya-online.net

Sailability Regional Organiser

Martyn Collis

West Midlands Region

Work:   023 8060 4100 (RYA HQ)

Mobile: 07890 519269

Email:  collismartyn@aol.com

Sailing Development Officer (SDO)


Jon Sweet

Mobile: 07764 184488

Email:   jon.sweet@rya.org.uk

Sailing Development Officer (SDO)


Brett Cokayne

Mobile: 07800 779302

Email:   Brett.Cokayne@rya.org.uk

Dinghy Coach / Assessors

Windsurf Trainers

Powerboat Trainers

Onboard Development Officers

High Performance Manager

Sailability Regional Organiser

West Midlands Committee

Centre Inspections

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